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So, you want to be a makeup artist, huh?

Being a professional makeup artist is an incredible way to earn crazy amounts of money doing what you love! Not only that, your value of work is a lot higher. Meaning less hours working, more hours playing! Let's do some math... If you booked 2 clients a day at £40, thats £560 a week and £2240 a month!!! Only 20 hours of work a week?!

Unfortunately, Colleges and beauty schools are charging £1000's for old information, that takes years to complete. Even though you get a shiny qualification at the end of it, it doesn't mean ANYTHING in the real world when booking the big jobs. After all that you come out with lots of debt and no idea how to book the high paying jobs.

A career in something you love is priceless!

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I'm glad your here. This is whats going to change your life.

Copy of The Complete Makeup Artistry Cou

You're in safe hands. I am going to wrap you up in a virtual cosy blanket and not let you go until...

You have a successful makeup business up and running

You have booked your first 10 clients

You have a fire social media content schedule built in place for your brand to keep growing

You're an expert makeup artist and you can apply makeup on any skin tone, skin type, with any brief!

You have a multi-use kit that keeps your costs low and profits high

After all that, You still won't be able to get rid of me!

Every student is a virtual family member. 1-1 calls, feedback and advice from a working pro is what you will continue to get after you spread your wings! (I'm loyal babe!) So, don't waste time. It's time to take action! Your dream life is waiting for you...

Hear Shay's story...

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🖥 63 ONLINE Video Lessons - access them at ANY time!

💌 24 Downloadable work PDFS
📖 13 Page MUA bible Manual
🤓 15 work Assignments to complete
📝 9 Quiz's to take
🗓 30 content ideas for Instagram
🤳 Social Media template ideas
👀 Facebook Ad template
🗒 Client + bridal record cards

🤡 Downloadable face chart

⚠️ BONUS Business module [19 Lessons] to grow your Instagram
👭 1-1 video call lessons where we talk business.

😶 SECret student Facebook group

🎫 Free ticket to my £5 masterclasses every month

💰 LEarn to make money in lockdown as an MUA

💁🏼 The course is updated every month with new lessons

🚨 24/7 help from me personally any time you need!

👑 And don't forget your certificate of completion


Cut crease makeup artist


1-1 Coaching Programme!

We will have a 1-1 via zoom to talk about your business.


It's important to have as many tricks up your sleeve as possible. If 2020 has taught as one thing it's that you NEED multiple sources of income.


Ever thought about having a lash/brush line? I'm here to help you with that.


Kerri-ann gained +3000 followers with my help!


{ALL THIS valued at over £5000}
£1500 Only£199 

Send me a question, i want to help you...


How long is the course?

- The course has 105 downloadable + re watchable lessons. once you have purchased the course you can access it at anytime.

do i need to have makeup experience?

- no! you do not need any makeup experience to enroll onto the course.

how many 1-1's do i get?

- as soon as you have enrolled you can book your 1-1 with me. You can have as many 1-1's as you like! I want to get to know you so i can help you with your personal situation.

when can i start earning?

- Once we go through all your legal requirements/insurance etc we can get you your first 10 clients! You will be able to make your money from the course after 4-5 clients.

Do i get a certificate?

- yes! you get a certificate after 100% completion of the course. just email me to receive it!

But don't you need a qualification to be a mua?

-No! and i am living proof :) You do not need a qualification to be an mua in the uk. So save your pennies and invest in a course thats going to get you clients!